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KUHS Welcomes Arkansongs!

We are very excited to welcome Arkansongs to the KUHS Family. We will feature the show every Monday at 9:30am and Monday Evening at 5pm.

To Learn more about Arkansongs click here.

Arkansongs is hosted by award-winning broadcast and print journalist Stephen Koch and syndicated on National Public Radio affiliates across the state. Each week, Koch examines another facet of Arkansas music, exploring the people and events that have made the state among the most important in forming the American musical vernacular that has in turn influenced the world.

Arkansongs started in 1999 as a live, two-hour program on community radio station KABF with Stephen Koch and a partner, Keith Merckx. The show debuted in its current pre-recorded segment form on Little Rock’s KUAR FM 89.1 in 2002, where it continues to air locally at 6:40 a.m. and 6:20 p.m. on Fridays.

A few years later, Arkansongs became syndicated on National Public Radio affiliates across the state. After a few years of differing associate producers, Merckx came back to the Arkansongs fold in 2011.

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