New Frequency Launch Party!

Yes! It’s almost March 4th. We are gearing up to make the BIG SWITCH from 97.9FM to 102.5FM! Mark your calendars.

To celebrate this awesome new development we are throwing a massive party. Why not? Join us on March 4th at the Central Theater, 1008 Central Ave.

6-10PM • $10 • FREE FOOD • All Ages!

In addition to the party we will be hosting the KUHS DJ SHOWDOWN! Listen as all your favorite DJ’s go head to head in an epic battle of killer tracks voted up or down by you – the listeners!

Thanks Hot Springs!

Thanks Hot Springs for coming out last Saturday and supporting community radio!! KUHS is officially two years old, which never could have happened without the outrageous support we get from our town.

And hey, how about that performance by Jimmy Davis? Two plus hours of heartfelt singing, stomping, and feeling. What a treat to have such a stellar performer break in the new stage at SQZBX!!

In case you missed the party, or kept talking during Zac’s big announcement, here is the real reason we wanted to get everyone together. To talk to you about our upcoming change. Read on:

KUHS-LP is moving!! Not our studios, they will still be at 240 Ouachita, but our frequency. We’re bailing on 97.9 and we’re moving to 102.5 on your FM dial.

Who: KUHS-LP Hot Springs, Solar Powered Community Radio, and the more than 70 DJs who make it groove.

What: We are changing our frequency so that we can better cover Hot Springs, and we are adding some hardware to sound better, add text on your radio, increase coverage, handle calls more efficiently, and archive the stream.

When: We are raising money for the big switch, and we will go into testing early 2018, with the switch finalized by April 27th.

Where: We are currently at 97.9 Mhz, but will be moving to 102.5 Mhz, just a short trip up the dial. We’ll help you change your preset if you want. Studios will remain in the same place.

Why: 102.5 has less interference, so we will not get our signal trampled by a larger station somewhere else. On 97.9, its hard to get good reception in a few places in town, and during some weather conditions. We are not upping our power, because we already broadcast at the FCC maximum for our license, but by reducing interference, we should get a signal lock for many more people in town.


This is the next big project KUHS will undertake. We have until March to complete the move, so keep an ear to the ground for upcoming parties to keep the good feelings and positive cash flow going!!

Big thanks again to Diana Bratton of Taco Mama for that amazing cake, to Cord Kopkau of The Wine Rack for the wine, to Rose from the Superior Bathhouse Brewery for the delicious beer, and Ben E. Keith for the food and bringing us Jimmy Davis. And thanks to SQZBX for hustling to get the dining room together so we could all take a look!

Saturday night was also a financial success, of our estimated costs we will incur due to the frequency move, we covered 84% of it with the donations from Saturday night!!

Thanks, Hot Springs!!

We’re Turning Two – Let’s Party!



KUHS-LP 97.9 FM, Hot Springs’ first and Arkansas’ only solar powered radio station is turning two years old! The celebration will be August 12th at 6:30 PM at 236 Ouachita Ave in Hot Springs. KUHS-LP is partnering up with a few special businesses to put on a night that is sure to be sweet. Not resting on their laurels, KUHS-LP has some big announcements to make about improving their signal to better serve the listeners of Hot Springs and streamers around the world. Come enjoy food and drink and some great live music to support Hot Springs’ solar powered community radio station.

Jimmy Davis, originally from Memphis, TN, will be breaking in the stage at the future home of SQZBX, beside the radio studios on Ouachita Avenue. Jimmy “Daddy” Davis puts on a hell of a show, bringing his infectious enthusiasm to every audience. Jimmy Davis’ songs have been recorded by Martina McBride, Restless Heart, Tommy Alverson, Reba Russell, Walt Wilkins, as well as a myriad of other recording artists. It’s Jimmy’s warmth, charisma and talent as a writer-performer that endear him to his well known peers. Jimmy Davis is a longtime fan of Hot Springs, having played here often at the Sawmill Depot back in the day. He has also played at the Arlington as part of the Keith Sykes Song Writer Festival. He has travelled more than a million miles all over the world, a true modern day troubadour. More information can be found at

SQZBX is a pizza joint and microbrewery opening up under the same roof as KUHS-LP. Cheryl and station manager Zac have been working hard on renovating the rest of the 1920’s building housing the studios, and they are very close to completion. They will be making heavy hors d’oeuvres out of the new kitchen, and giving a preview look at the dining room and bar. Drinks will be provided by longtime supporters of KUHS-LP, The Wine Rack and Spirit Shoppe, and Hot Springs’ oldest continuously operating brewery, Superior Bathhouse Brewery.

Tickets are $25 and all proceeds will go to supporting community radio in Hot Springs.

This event is made possible by Ben E. Keith, SQZBX Pizza and Beer, Low Key Arts, The Wine Rack & Spirits Shoppe, and the Superior Bathhouse Brewery. Jimmy’s appearance is sponsored by Rusty Mathis and Laura Crabtree.

Summer Sizzle

Yea Baby. Can you feel it? It’s heating up outside! And so is KUHS! We have some new shows in the line up. Be sure to tune in everyday, all the time. Send us your requests! This is a community radio station and we can’t do it with you, the community. Enjoy the Summer.

Pets of KUHS!

Do you leave KUHS-LP on for Mittens while you toil away at work? Does Rover love riding around in the car while you’re tuned to 97.9FM? Well, we wanna see it! Throughout the month of May share photos or videos of your furry, feathered, or scaly friends here on Instagram enjoying Arkansas’ only solar-powered radio station and you could win a radio for your home!


Just tag your posts with @kuhsradio and #petsofkuhs. We’ll be reposting our favorites and at the end of the month we’ll pick our favorite. Quality and creativity go a long way in taking the prize! Let’s see ’em!

Snuggle Up with One of These!

Yep, it’s starting to get chilly outside. Why not snuggle up with a warm and cozy KUHS T-Shirt! We have a big ole pile of these babies in all sorts of different sizes and colors. Give us a SHOUT and grab one up while supplies last! All proceeds go to keeping this solar powered community radio station up and running. Yes, while solar power is essentially free, microphones, internet, telephones etc are not. So head on over to the Contact Us page or give us a call and order yours today, we may even throw is some super cool stickers too! Take it smooth Hot Springs!

Grassroots Radio Conference Coming Soon!


The Grassroots Radio Coalition was born in 1996, as a reaction against increasing commercialization of public radio and lack of support for volunteer-based stations. Though not “founders” per se, Marty Durlin of KGNU and Cathy Melio of WERU are generally recognized as “midwives” of the GRC. They have said that the idea of the GRC was ready to be born; they just helped make it happen.


The Grassroots Radio Conference is an annual gathering of folks from grassroots, volunteer-powered, community radio stations to connect, learn new skills, discuss critical issues, and have some fun.


The Grassroots Radio Coalition is a casual, but dedicated group of many stations and people that has no bylaws, no dues, no staff, and no standing structure; but what the coalition does have is a history and a set of ideas.


The event kicks off on October 7th in Hot Springs Arkansas. Reserve your tickets NOW!

We’re Turning One and We’re Celebrating

KUHS is turning one, and we want you to help us celebrate! We will be having a birthday party during Gallery Walk on Friday, September 2nd, from 5-10 PM. Come on down to the studio on 240 Ouachita Avenue, and wander next door to take a look around!


Refreshments will be served. Check out the new studio board, and help us raise some money for another crazy year here at KUHS, 97.9 FM, Hot Springs Sun Powered Community Radio!


Sept. 2nd, 2016
(Gallery Walk)
5-10 PM




A short one minute radio episode about the history of Major League Baseball in Hot Springs, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 12 Noon.

Brought to you by, Visit Hot Springs, Low Key Arts and KUHS Community Radio!

KUHS Welcomes Arkansongs!

We are very excited to welcome Arkansongs to the KUHS Family. We will feature the show every Monday at 9:30am and Monday Evening at 5pm.

To Learn more about Arkansongs click here.

Arkansongs is hosted by award-winning broadcast and print journalist Stephen Koch and syndicated on National Public Radio affiliates across the state. Each week, Koch examines another facet of Arkansas music, exploring the people and events that have made the state among the most important in forming the American musical vernacular that has in turn influenced the world.

Arkansongs started in 1999 as a live, two-hour program on community radio station KABF with Stephen Koch and a partner, Keith Merckx. The show debuted in its current pre-recorded segment form on Little Rock’s KUAR FM 89.1 in 2002, where it continues to air locally at 6:40 a.m. and 6:20 p.m. on Fridays.

A few years later, Arkansongs became syndicated on National Public Radio affiliates across the state. After a few years of differing associate producers, Merckx came back to the Arkansongs fold in 2011.

To find out more