Arkansas Gives – A Day of Giving

Arkansas Gives

This Thursday, April 7th is Arkansas Gives – A Day of Giving from 8AM to 8PM. Low Key Arts programming such as Arkansas Shorts-A Night of Short Film, The Valley of the Vapors Music Festival, Hot Water Hills Weekend and KUHS Community Radio take a lot of effort, both, volunteer wise and financially.

YOU can help Low Key Arts continue to grow and keep Hot Springs culturally exciting by making a donation this Thursday, April 7th from 8AM to 8PM. It’s easy, just log on to, choose Low Key Arts, and click the donate now button. No donation too big or too small at

Low Key Arts has already been pledged $5000 by The Morris Foundation, but only if we raise an additional $5000 during the twelve hour Arkansas Gives campaign!! That’s a huge incentive, so lets make this happen. What’s good for Low Key Arts is good for KUHS!! Donate at this Thursday, April 7th from 8AM to 8PM.

All contributions are tax deductible. Thanks for your support!!

Low Key Arts Programs

Can You Feel It?

KUHS 97.9fm Community Radio for Hot Springs

Oh yea, it’s coming. Warm days, cool drinks and HOT JAMS! Are you ready to get down, get down, get down and boogie? We are. Tune in now!

Stream directly from the website or get us on the Tune In App!

Take a look at this alphabetical list of shows we have lined up. It’s a community!
(Show names and times and existence are subject to change)

$5 Ticket
ADHD Radio
As If with MABS
Avant Garden
Bad News Radio
Better Late Than Never with Doc Bryce
Beyond the Sun
Breakfast With Tiffany
Champion Sound
Classic Deep Cuts
Crescent City Parade
Dad’s House
Dark Corner
Delusions of Grandeur
DJ Emcee Triskit’s Righteous Hip Hop Radio Hour
Feelin’ Morrissey
Industrial Complex
Into the Trenches
Jazz on a Saturday Morning
Keep On Truckin’
Ladio Radio
Lady Bits Radio
Living Reality
Loco Locavians
Mojo Box
Nightcap with Derik Brockwell
Outlaw Country Hour
Planet Sounds
Ramblin’ Roots
Randy’s Delicious Jams & Jellies
Rural War Room
Songs I Like
Sounds of Science
Streaker Beat
The Afterparty
The Big Star Power Hour
The Brian and Sometimes ____ Show
The Brockwell Show
The Cajun Show
The Daggers Den
The Dark Side of the South
The Fluid Druid’s Medicine Show
The Godfather of Soul in the Belly of the Beast
The Greatest Show You’ll Never See!
The Heart Beat with Jane Browning
The High Score with Sean and Jonny
The Insomniacs
The New Wave Age
The Piano Show
The Plug
The Record You Need To Know About
The Red Door Radio Hour
The Score
The Sixteen Pink Valley Club
Universal Jukebox
Valley Noise
What The Funk
Your Permanent Record

Spend Your Fall & Winter with KUHS!

KUHS 97.9fm Hot Springs

Here we are folks. Another passing of the seasons. Headed into Fall and then the brittle cold of Winter. We have been hard at work filling up the schedule, lots of great shows, lots of great original programming! We have a lot of really fantastic stuff in store so be sure to stay tuned to KUHS 97.9FM!

How you say? Well you can stream directly from the website or by using the Tune In App! So what are you waiting for? Let’s have an audio party!

It’s On!

Bill Bolt

Turn on. Tune in. Turn up! It’s official friends.

We are live.

As of 8:00pm Central Standard Time on August 27, 2015 KUHS LP 97.9FM is broadcasting to the greater Hot Springs area. Check out the Schedule page to see the wide array of eclectic and original programming we have to offer!


Request Line: 501.627.0711

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Save the Date!

KUHS Go Live

Thursday, August 27, 2015 from 7 to 9 PM at The Mid America Science Museum.

The KUHS 97.9 FM Community Radio Project is coming to fruition. It’s been over two years of planning, fundraising, and building Arkansas only solar powered radio station, and we are ready to begin a new era for Hot Springs radio. More information to come, but please SAVE THE DATE!! Food and drink will be served.

Thursday, August 27, 2015 from 7 to 9 PM at The Mid America Science Museum.

Event Page

Have you read the news today?

The long anticipated debut of KUHS 97.9 FM Hand-Made Radio is just over the horizon. Speaking of the horizon, the radio station will run entirely on solar power, with the exception of a couple backup batteries for emergencies, and it’s the only one in the state of Arkansas, just so you know. This will also be the Spa City’s first true community radio station. The buzz about this spot on the frequency modulation dial has been in people’s ears for a long time now, and soon that static will become the sweet sounds of music, news, theater, variety, sports, talk—you name it. This radio station will be different from your run-of-the-mill commercial radio stations. As a non-profit radio station, many of the guidelines and playlists to which commercial radio adheres don’t apply. Hand-Made Radio can play whatever the hell it wants to play, without succumbing to the desires of huge record labels and over-regulated media conglomerates.

Read the full article here.



The City will begin cleanup of the Majestic bricks covering the sidewalk. KUHS gave them a head start tonight.