The 2nd Not so Annual DJ SHOWDOWN

The KUHS DJ SHOWDOWN is back! A Fundraiser for New Time-Release Sunshine Capsules, aka batteries for the solar panels so we can continue to broadcast the most diverse collection of music in Hot Springs! Join your favorites DJ’s as they battle it out to see who will reign supreme over all DJ’s! Sunday, May 5th… Read more »


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 KUHS welcomes @wporchestra chasing away the post-VOV blues one short week from tomorrow night!!! Arrive early for a lesson in traditional Balkan and Romani dances @ 6:45, general admission opens at 7:30, showtime is 8:00! All ages welcome. $10 at the door or $8 with a FOLK sustaining membership. $15 dance lesson includes admission.  The Spa City Sweethearts Burlesque Revue returns for its ninth year to Low Key Arts for two nights only, February 8th and 9th, 2019. Featuring over 30 of Arkansas' finest and fiercest burlesque and variety entertainers, Spa City Sweethearts is the largest burlesque revue in the state! All for a good cause - supporting Low Key Arts and the upcoming 15th annual VOV @valleyofthevapors Music Festival. The Spa City Sweethearts Burlesque Revue is presented by The Wine Rack & Spirits Shoppe. Sponsored by @foulplaycabaret and @superiorbathhousebrewery. Must be 18 years of age or older. Handicapped accessible. Tickets available now on  Undiscovered and Undefined with every Tuesday evening 6-8! “I will be simulating all types of music to expand your mind and educate your brain with my tantalizing knowledge.” Stream our steam online 24/7
 Crescent City Parade with host Steven Suter, Friday afternoons from 4-6 pm. “The Big Boss with the Hot Sauce! Featuring New Orleans Music from Louis Armstrong to Kermit Ruiffins. Past and present and everything in between!” Stream 24/7 at  Dad’s House with your hosts Karl and Chucky D. every Sunday night 8-10 “Classic soul and R&B. A little poetry, a little knowledge for the noggin, and some general tomfoolery.” Stream live 24/7  Outlaw Country with your host @losthighwayradioshow every Monday night 7-9! “The roots of the outlaw movement can be traced to the 1950s. A major influence on the outlaw movement was Elvis Presley’s bluesy covers of country standards. However, an even greater transition occurred after Waylon Jennings was able to secure his own recording rights, and began the trend of bucking the “Nashville Sound.”” Stream it live
 Bin-shaking dub and bass music every Wednesday 11-noon on The Bassics with resident host and selector @sonny_kay Stream live on  The Greatest Show You’ll Never See, with @vinnyvadge and @damian8048 every Wednesday night 10-midnight! “Imagine this… You’re hanging out in your living room with all of your friends. Talking about this, laughing about that, listening to all different kinds of music on the radio. And on the station they talk about public events like the VOV or Hot Water Hills, maybe a special event that’s going on down at the farmers market this weekend. We’re going to cover everything and anything possible that will make you laugh and have a good time. Get ready to hang out with your friends.” Stream it live  The Mojo Box with host @davidhughes2449 every Monday evening 5-7! “Need a little gris gris for your nation bag? Need some conjure work to get your mojo on? Then reach inside the Mojo Box for all your blues music needs, from around the world to just up the street. I’ll keep your jack ball knotted tight as I spin you through the Arkansas night with tunes, stories and legends from way down deep in the blues.” Stream the steam live