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 The Greatest Show You’ll Never See, with @vinnyvadge and @damian8048 every Wednesday night 10-midnight! “Imagine this… You’re hanging out in your living room with all of your friends. Talking about this, laughing about that, listening to all different kinds of music on the radio. And on the station they talk about public events like the VOV or Hot Water Hills, maybe a special event that’s going on down at the farmers market this weekend. We’re going to cover everything and anything possible that will make you laugh and have a good time. Get ready to hang out with your friends.” Stream it live  The Mojo Box with host @davidhughes2449 every Monday evening 5-7! “Need a little gris gris for your nation bag? Need some conjure work to get your mojo on? Then reach inside the Mojo Box for all your blues music needs, from around the world to just up the street. I’ll keep your jack ball knotted tight as I spin you through the Arkansas night with tunes, stories and legends from way down deep in the blues.” Stream the steam live  Garland County Library presents Checked Out every Thursday morning from 8-9! “A weekly variety show with trivia, useless facts, library-related knowledge, sweet jams available through the library, and other randomness.” Stream it!
 Undiscovered and Undefined with every Tuesday evening 6-8! “I will be simulating all types of music to expand your mind and educate your brain with my tantalizing knowledge.” Stream our steam online 24/7  Finally Friday with your host @sonny_kay takes over the airwaves 8-10 every Friday night! Paying special tribute this evening to the sadly departed Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks. Stream live  The Great Leap Forward with your host @boxpressed every Tuesday afternoon noon-2! Stream live 24/7 at
 Outlaw Country with your host @losthighwayradioshow every Monday night 7-9! “The roots of the outlaw movement can be traced to the 1950s. A major influence on the outlaw movement was Elvis Presley’s bluesy covers of country standards. However, an even greater transition occurred after Waylon Jennings was able to secure his own recording rights, and began the trend of bucking the “Nashville Sound.”” Stream it live  KUHS workhorse Dale Smith @smith4165 pulls double-duty every Thursday evening, hosting the Cajun Show from 6-8 and then Universal Jukebox from 8-10! Stream the fun live on  The Record You Need to Know About @record2know live every Monday night 9-11pm, with an encore broadcast Wednesday mornings 9-11am. “Just when you think you’ve heard everything “The Record You Need To Know About” has something for you. We’ll dig deep into a vault of musical exploration and find the gems. This stuff isn’t going to bore you to tears or make you go back to your freaking iPhone/Android playlist. It’s going to (if anything) inspire you to find these flipped out records by these notoriously infamous bands and download them, rip them, buy them (if you can find them) and rock the night away. While showering your ears with the glory of the unknowns, we will also feature a guest or two, weird locals mostly, and talk about stuff, cool stuff, stuff that makes you think, stuff that gets you charged up, stuff that makes you wanna call in. So do it… It’s a happening.” Stream KUHS live 24/7